Care Packages!!!

Saturday, November 5, 2011 0 comments
Just in case you failed to notice there is a new page above! It is called "Care Packages!" just like this post, check it out! But only if you are so kind to send me packages with heeps of love!
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Fall Break

This past week has been fall break, which for all purposes has not been that exciting of a week. On Monday, I spent all afternoon at the doctors office waiting for a nurse to see me. Then I got an appointment for Thursday to see the doctor. On Tuesday I spent all afternoon with Jacqui Wellham (look! your name is in my blog again!!!) She moved into a new house Monday evening, so I went to entertain her while she unpacked everything. I spent most of my time dancing around. I left around 3 o'clock to go and bake a pumpkin pie. I could not find a pumpkin when I looked for one in the morning, so I sent an SMS to my parents asking were I might find one. My dad replied (in Swedish of course) "In the hall by the umbrellas". My mother gave me directions to a specialty store in town. My dad was correct, I could find a pump by the umbrellas, but it was not the pump I was talking about. The Swedish word for pumpkin is pumpa, which is also a word meaning pump... He thought I was looking for the bike pump. Needless to say, after biking all the way home to bake a pumpkin pie, I had to bike back into town to purchase a pumpkin. After spending the remainder of the afternoon roasting the pumpkin, and then baking the pie, my parents came home and were happily surprised to smell the pies and see that I had decorated the kitchen for Halloween. We each had our own little personal pie for dessert, my mom was nice enough to save half of hers for my brother who recently moved to Stockholm. Everyone really enjoyed the pie! I might even say that baking it from scratch tasted better then any Libby's pumpkin pie I have ever consumed (no offense dad). On Wednesday I went yet again to Jacqui's house, but this time for pizza and a movie (Midnight in Paris). I had a good time per usual. On Thursday I awoke early at 08.30 fora doctors appointment, and was very surprised at how little waiting I had. When it was time for my appointment, the doctor was ready to see me. Needless to say, I still spent over an hour at the office. After which I ventured into town to get my medication, and then back home. In the afternoon I went for a Fika with Jacqui and Rocio. Then I dragged Rocio all the way back to my house to hang out, which quickly turned into using her as slave labour to assist me moving furniture around. It took us 20 minutes to figure out how to get a chair in my room. We considered just leaving it in the hallway outside my door and saying it was an artistic placement. We had hot chocolate to celebrate! Friday I cleaned my room, did my laundry, and talked to Katie Li for the longest time. Today it is Saturday, it will get its very own post!
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Jacqui Wellham

Thursday, November 3, 2011 1 comments
Jacqui Wellham is now mentioned in my blog.
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