I woke up before 8...

Thursday, September 29, 2011 0 comments
Today I was up and out of the house before 8. I can not recall the last time I was even up before 8, let alone talking in front of people. This morning, almost against my will, I was at a breakfast Rotary meeting at 8 in the morning. Not only was I up, and at a Rotary meeting, I was speaking Swedish infront of the district governor. They were, as most usually are, impressed at how much Swedish I speak. Sometimes it is amazing even to me, that I can speak sometimes, and not think about what I am saying, I just talk. Often times, (Someone just skateboarded down the hallway in case you wanted to know) I have spoken before fully processing what I was saying, and must think back to make sure I said what I wanted to say. It is now afternoon, and I am  at school. :)
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procrastination. förhalning.

föorhalning. procrastination.  Going to Swedish school, and working in Swedish has not hindered my great skills of procrastination. I might even say that they may have gotten a little worse. I say this because two nights ago I did my Swedish homework the night before I had class. And today I must turn in a psychology paper for which I have barely started. Besides me being supper busy because I am just such a popular guy, I have no excuse. at all. Good thing I had to get up EARLY this morning (6:45) to go to a breakfast Rotary meeting, otherwise I would, likely, still be sleeping.
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The uneventful life i live.

Monday, September 26, 2011 0 comments
Sometimes when I am working on homework, or just sitting around at home, I get asked from people at home what I am doing in Sweden. Everyone wants to know how amazing life is, and everything that I am doing. What do I have to tell them. Ingenting. Nothing. I do homework, I go to school. I eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I hang out with friends. I buy clothes. My favorite questions is "Have you been to Stockholm?". My aswer is "Yes, multiple times." Then, they all have the same followup question; "Was it simply amazing? What did you do?" Well, Stockholm is great. Its a nice city. Last time I went, I met up with some friends, we had coffee, walked around, went shopping, more coffee, and then went home. Yes it is great, but for me, it is not a big deal to take an hour train to go shopping, nothing to special, just life. Just like any other day.
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I fell off my bike. Again.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011 0 comments
I fell off my bike yet again this morning. Ironically, I fell of in the exact same place I fell off last time. This time however, I was going down hill, nice and fast, so I managed to get some nice souvenirs from my fall. I decided to walk the rest of the way to school... Mostly only because my handelbars are no longer aligned. I parked my bike in town, hopefully I will remember to pick it up on the way home. I came to school, and got all patched up. Still feeling a little strange and annoted, but I will survive.
Class Fika today instead of seminar. :)
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Tuesday, September 20, 2011 0 comments
There is a spider in my room. I am scarred to death of spiders. Spiders and snakes are the only two animals I can not stand. They make me so nervous and scarred. The spider was under my desk. It has now disappeared and I am now scarred to get off my bed for fear of spotting it at my feet. Anyways, I am sitting on my bed. Scarred to get up because of this scary spider in my room.
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Sunday, September 18, 2011 0 comments
This afternoon I begun working on a story for NJU:Z, my school's magazine. This article is about the dullest subject I know, myself. Of course being the exchange student you expect these things to happen, but I never imagined that in my first meeting I would be asked to write a piece about myself and my journey to be included in the publication. I am at lost as to what I will write about, but surely something will come in the next month before it goes to print. With this article comes a wonderful shoot. I am actually half looking forward to it, and half dreading it. Anyways, that is life.

This week I also must write a paper on the psychological developments and relation with culture throughout different time periods in history. I am, as expected, writing this in English. Hopefully I will not have to much to say, and over write, as it is so common for me to do.
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Crayfish Party

Saturday, September 10, 2011 0 comments
I dont know... I just thought it was cool...

This is long overdue. And when I say long overdue... I mean a month old. My family had a traditional Swedish crayfish party August 6th, my sixth day in Sweden. It was to say no more great fun! Many friends came over for the party, all bringing their own crayfish. This is an interesting part of Swedish culture, when you have a crayfish party, the host does not provide the crayfish for everyone, everyone cooks their own, and brings them. Crayfish in Sweden are eaten cold. With the crayfish their were many different "quiches". All very good. And of course we had dessert. I tried some of everyone and they were all very good. The whole party lasted for over 7 hours, and it was all lots of fun!
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This is life...

Hej alla!

What has happened since my last post.... Well alot. I have been in Sweden for just over a month now, which is so hard to believe. It seems like I have lived here my whole life, besides not speaking swedish all the time. But, then to think that the time has gone by so fast and I only have eleven months left is hard to believe! The last time I posted was the morning before my family hosted a traditional swedish cray fish party. To say the least it was a lot of fun! There where tons of traditional songs sung, and as the night went on, it became a night I will never forget.
Lamp outside during party.
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Yesterday, I went for my first Swedish Haircut, it was an experience of itself. I have never had someone go over every inch of my hair so many times. I was lucky enough to have some great Swedish friends who took me to get it cut! The man who cut my hair was so interested in what I was doing in Sweden, and what I thought of everything. Now,  I am told, I look like a real Swede!
I totally stole this picture from Jennifer.
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