25 cups of coffee latter.

Thursday, August 11, 2011 0 comments
25 Cups of coffee ago, I arrived in Sweden. That was a short 10 days ago, and I have been loving it ever sense.
One of my favorite parts of the day My favorite part of day is the fika. All of you who have never experienced this amazing word, you are missing out on something very cool, and special.
My first fika was experienced at Espresso House, after spending over an hour at the Migration Board. It was nice, I had a mocha. It did not disappoint, it was all I was hoping for and more! Not to hate on American coffee, but Swedish coffee is ten times better! Fika includes a few different things, usually some type of dessert, coffee, water, and a flavored beverage. So far my two favorite flavors are elder flower, and strawberry. Fika is not just about eating and drinking, it is also about the friendship and discussion. Of course, this is my favorite part of the day!
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Yes, I'm alive.

Saturday, August 6, 2011 0 comments
Earlier this week I started writing this long long long blog post all about this week and what's happened since I arrived, but I have decided to start over and keep it short and sweet (rest assured there will be a looong post to come soon). First of all, I have met tons and tons of people and have had a great time so far! I learned the other night that one of my favorite Swedish songs, is actually the un-official summer theme song, Lilla Lady by Daniel Admas-Ray. It is one of the best songs that I know, if you hadn't guessed Lilla Lady means Little Lady in Swedish. This song is pretty much the mood I have been in ever since arriving. It has been great, the food is good, all though I am already missing some american classics. I am actually listening to DAR and dancing while writing this post. :D My family is having a crayfish party tonight, so that should be lots of fun. Some quick Sweden & Västerås Facts:
  • H&M Started in my city! (Västerås, Sverige)
  • Home to the best chocolate in Sweden.
  • Saab is Swedish
  • IKEA is Swedish
  • Spotify is Swedish
  • Skype is Swedish
  • Ericsson is Swedish
  • Electrolux is Swedish
  • Volvo is Swedish
Even though you may not be able to point out Sweden on a map, I am sure you could identify each of these things.

And yes, I do live in an IKEA house. There are like 3 things in the whole house that aren't from IKEA.
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